Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How Much Does the Cantine Complex Cost Taxpayers?

The Saugerties parks system and the Cantine Veterans Memorial Complex is the envy of virtually every community in the Hudson Valley.  The baseball/soccer fields, ice arena and various events held on the complex bring tens of thousands of visitors to Saugerties each year.  But how much does it cost taxpayers to maintain all this?

According to the 2016 Town Budget, total Parks Department spending  (including an estimate of fringe benefits) this year is $1,195,381 ($991,302 for village taxpayers).  Parks spending accounts for 13.6% of all General Fund/Outside Village spending.  

Saugerties' spending in this area far, far exceeds all other Ulster County towns.  Expenses are offset by $380,000 in revenues from user fees, etc. 

Town parks spending is enhanced by revenues from the Recreation Trust Fund.  The Trust Fund gets revenues from fees charged to developers and private donations.  Money from this fund can only be used for recreational purposes subject to the approval of the Town Board.  Fees charged to outside groups wishing to use the town’s fields also are deposited in this fund (e.g., the Saugerties Stallions pay $15,000 per year for the use of Cantine Field).  

Last year, the Recreation Trust Fund had revenues of $108,612 and expenditures of $80,933.  The fund balance was $63,389 as of 12/31/15.

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